Treatment Fees

Flexibility & Spreading the Cost

Plymouth Dental Centre of Excellence are fortunate to be able to provide assistance in making our excellent care accessible to all. See our Monthly Plans & Finance page to see how we can help.

How Much Will it Cost?

To ensure that we provide you with the very best dental treatment, your dentist at the practice will advise of the appropriate treatment plan and discuss all options available to you. We understand the importance of flexibility and we’re always happy to chat, contact us if you have any questions.

General Dentistry Fees
TreatmentPractice PlanPay as you Go
New Patient Examination (Includes X-rays)N/A£75
Full Mouth, Gum Health & Oral Cancer ExaminationFree£50
Small Digital X-rayFree£15
Full Mouth X-ray (OPT Digital X-ray)£50£75
Out of HoursFree£300
Emergency Appointment fromFree£300
CT Scan (With Report)£200£230
Crowns from£600£650
Bridge Per Unit from£550£600
Acrylic Dentures (Upper or Lower) from£700£800
Full Set of Acrylic Dentures from£2,000£2,300
Chrome Cobalt Dentures from£1,500£1,750
Composite Fillings (Anterior) from£225£250
Composite Fillings (Posterior) from£225£250
Extractions (Simple, Difficult or Surgical)£150 to £250£175 to £300
Hygiene Fees
TreatmentPractice PlanPay as you Go
Classic Scale & PolishFree£75
Classic Scale & Air-Flow Polish£15£80
Intensive Stain Removal£100£150
Advanced Hygiene Maintenance with Air-Flow Polish£100£150
Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment£96£120
Advanced Implant Maintenance with Air-Flow£100£150
Dental Implant Fees
TreatmentPractice PlanPay as you Go
Dental Implant Assessment£80£80
Dental Implants (Including Restoration) from£2,200£2,400
Cosmetic Dentistry Fees
TreatmentPractice PlanPay as you Go
Whitening Consultation£50£50
Home Tooth Whitening£310£310
Zoom Tooth Whitening£500£500
Veneers from£600£650
Direct Composite Onlays from£450£450
Invisalign® Fees
TreatmentPractice PlanPay as you Go
Invisalign ConsultationFree£250*
Invisalign Lite (One Arch) from£2,600£2,600
Invisalign Lite (Both Arches) from£3,500£3,500
Invisalign Full (Always Both Arches) from£4,200£4,200

*Consultation fee removed the from treatment cost 

Advanced Dentistry & Referral Fees
TreatmentPractice PlanPay as you Go
Specialist Endodontic Consultation£80£80
Root Canal Treatment Anterior/Canine from£650£650
Root Canal Treatment Premolar from£650£650
Root Canal Treatment Molar from£750£750
Re-Root Treatment - Add £50 to above prices
Referral Consultation (Surgical Extractions, Sedation or Cosmetic)£80£80
Referral Consultation (Denture, Occlusal/TMJ)£150£150
Referral Consultation (Perio)£100£100
Full Periodontal Treatment (£150 per visit x5)£750£750
IV Sedation£200£250
Prosthodontic Consultation£150£150
Apicectomy from£600£600
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