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Dentures at Plymouth Dental

Here at Plymouth Dental Centre of Excellence we use the latest techniques and technologies from carefully hand picked dental laboratories to provide you with a comfortable fit, giving you the smile that you desire.

If your current dentures feel bulky, slip a lot, cause sore spots or don’t feel like they fit correctly – then we can help!

Denture Options

During your consultation, your dentist will assess your smile, how you chew and your bite; to suggest the denture that suits your needs the most. There are a number of options to improve your current denture, like Precision Cobalt Chrome dentures that don’t cover the palette, or ones with tougher acrylic if yours are prone to snapping. Please note: these options are available subject to a consultation and patient suitability.

If you want to ditch your dentures completely, we also offer implant retained overdentures, or ‘all on four’, both providing you with a more permanent, fixed solution to a new smile. Please see our dental implants page or contact us for more information.

What's the Cost?

With everyone’s case being unique to the patient, it’s often difficult to provide an accurate cost of a treatment plan without a prior consultation. During this, your dentist will explore all of the options available to you, including finance options to spread the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly instalments.

For an indication of our ‘from’ prices, please visit our treatment fees page.

Book a Consultation

If you’ve got any questions or if you’d like to book a consultation, hit the button below…