Meet the Team

Dr. Mitesh Badiani

Special Interest in: Dental Implants

Dr. Supriti Paraskar

Specialist Prosthodontist

Leila Matthews

Lead Clinical Nurse

Lindsey Wright

Senior Dental Therapist/Hygienist

Debbie Hutchinson

Practice/Business Development Manager


We’re pleased to announce that our practice has now reopened.

Despite this, strict disinfection and compliance guidelines mean that we’re restricted on the number of patients we can see and the type of treatments that we can provide.

We will contact you in due course if; while we were closed your dental treatment was disrupted, you are due a routine appointment or you had an appointment cancelled.

Please still call the practice if you have a dental emergency.

Your visit to us will look different to what you’re used to – please see the video below for IMPORTANT information regarding your appointment.

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